Multi Vitamins and Low Birth Weight

Not a day goes by without a new vitamin study. Most studies are of poor design and low quality but occasionally something noteworthy pops up. Today I found the following article mildly interesting; Telegraph: Multi-vitamin during pregnancy ‘cuts chances of having an underweight baby’. It’s a small study but with a control group (placebo) and the results are significant.

The researchers tested the women for nutritional deficiencies at the start of the study, and then when they were 26 and 34 weeks pregnant.

They warned that the incidence of low birth weight babies in higher in Britain than in Cuba and on a par with Romania.

At the start of the study almost three quarters of the women, 72 per cent, had low level of vitamin D, while 13 per cent were low in iron and 12 per cent were deficient in thiamin, also called vitamin B1.

Those who took the supplement achieved better levels of all three than a control group given a placebo, according to the findings, published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

I have not been able to locate the publication or its abstract yet, and will update this post when I do.