Ignorant Doctors: Child Abuse or Infantile Rickets

Go read the latests Vitamin D Newsletter: Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets: Another Tragedy, from the Vitamin D Council.

”On June 3, 2010 my five and a half week old daughter was introduced to ”child protection” in a hospital in a local hospital by diagnosing her as being a victim of child abuse. I brought my new born daughter to the hospital, after she woke up screaming in pain when i moved her arm. Upon multiple x-rays we found out that she had a fracture in her right arm that had a transverse configuration, without any evidence of external injury (we later learned that a transverse configuration is a typical fracture morphology in a pathologically fragile bone). Not understanding how this could have happened to my daughter, my boyfriend and I had no explanation for the injury.”


A few months ago I discussed an absolutely frightening study. Basically, the study found that about 1/4 of all otherwise normal infants have evidence of infantile rickets while they are still in the womb. If these infants were x-rayed right after birth, I suspect they would be found to have multiple fractures from the very real trauma of coming through the birth canal. That is, it is likely that tens of thousands of infants are being sent home from the hospital with multiple fractures because no one has ever done a study looking for asymptomatic fractures.

Why are women, and expecting mothers in particular, not told about vitamin D? Nobody is told about vitamin D, not even doctors. And doctors don’t read the medical literature it seems.

Are you deficient, and how much do you need? Find out here.

The mother mentioned above has created a page at Facebook: Rickets an Epidemic.


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  1. Heather september 25, 2010 / 18:09

    I am the mother of the little 5 week old baby girl that was taken from my custody. To try to spread awareness about the frightening EPIDEMIC , I have started an informational page on facebook called ( RICKETS AN EPIDEMIC) PLEASE COME TO THE PAGE AND ”LIKE” THE PAGE. Spread this awareness all over the world it is effecting so many poor children and their families.
    I have also started a PETITION to mandate testing on children suspected of being victims of child abuse.


  2. Tonya september 25, 2010 / 18:54

    This is real. My 5-month old daughter died in 2007 and it was blamed on child abuse. This happens more than anyone realizes, regardless of the REAL diagnosis.

  3. paleofriend september 25, 2010 / 20:01

    Thank you for your comments and additional information. This is far too common, and we have had similar cases of malpractice here in Sweden as well. I’m not normally emotionally upset by the many inadequacies in the medical care sector, but this really gets my blood boiling.

    Vitamin D deficiency is very common, at all ages, and it just baffles me how the authorities in the western world so completely manage to ignore any of the science in this field. Normally, they are being told what to do by the pharmaceutical industry, whereas in this case people would only get healthier following any recommendation for an increased vitamin D consumption, we may never see such advice issued from any governmental agency.

    Other related pages at Facebook:
    Vitamin D Council

  4. NL juli 5, 2011 / 06:24

    On March 2011 my son six months and one week and half went to the emergency department at children hospital in Boston with a skull deformities and his face change completely. They have him done an
    X ray, then they said to me everything was fine I can go back home. I brought him back on May 2011, at 9 months old, they have him done some X ray, later one they said to me he has been abused. I was shock because I will never abuse my son, either my closest family member. They took away my child from me on May 31 2011 at three o’clock. I reminded the social worker my son either has a genetic disorder or a rare disorder. At that time I could not figure out what was the problem but for sure I know my son never have any physical abuse, he is happy, he likes to play. From my experience in early childhood, I can say when a child has physical abuse they most likely retreat, they don’t like to play, they always scraeming my son is the opposite. So the day at the court I heard the Dr from children hospital stated my son has vitamin D defienciency. I started to get really worried, when I get home I went to yahoo seach I typed Vitamin D defieciency it gaves directly Rickets. It was the first time in my entire life I read the Word Rickets. I conclude is a 90 % chance my son has this rare disorder.
    First of all, my son has been (almost) exclusively breasfeeding. Anytime he get formula he throw up. Remember the first time I went to children hospital he was six month and one week and half. Rickets starts in children at six months to 24 months. Plus I am a dark skinned mother which means my breast milk has zero vitamin D. I live in Massachusetts where we have sun only three months a year.
    Rickets vs child abuse
    Please parents don’t let authority treat us as criminal, damn just because Dr X went to school at Havard whatever they said, they should prevail. Indeed, for the court system and DCF they are the only one who gaves reasonable causes because they just want to keep our children away from us for job security purpose and get big fat bonuses if those children get adopt. We must not give them this chance, because our babies are not for sale. They need to be back home where they belong, they appreciate.

    Department children and family must know our children are precious to us, they are our treasure. Our children is just a job for social worker at DCF, but for the Fathers and the mothers they are lifetime commintment.

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