Ignorant Doctors: Child Abuse or Infantile Rickets

Go read the latests Vitamin D Newsletter: Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets: Another Tragedy, from the Vitamin D Council.

”On June 3, 2010 my five and a half week old daughter was introduced to ”child protection” in a hospital in a local hospital by diagnosing her as being a victim of child abuse. I brought my new born daughter to the hospital, after she woke up screaming in pain when i moved her arm. Upon multiple x-rays we found out that she had a fracture in her right arm that had a transverse configuration, without any evidence of external injury (we later learned that a transverse configuration is a typical fracture morphology in a pathologically fragile bone). Not understanding how this could have happened to my daughter, my boyfriend and I had no explanation for the injury.”


A few months ago I discussed an absolutely frightening study. Basically, the study found that about 1/4 of all otherwise normal infants have evidence of infantile rickets while they are still in the womb. If these infants were x-rayed right after birth, I suspect they would be found to have multiple fractures from the very real trauma of coming through the birth canal. That is, it is likely that tens of thousands of infants are being sent home from the hospital with multiple fractures because no one has ever done a study looking for asymptomatic fractures.

Why are women, and expecting mothers in particular, not told about vitamin D? Nobody is told about vitamin D, not even doctors. And doctors don’t read the medical literature it seems.

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The mother mentioned above has created a page at Facebook: Rickets an Epidemic.

Shine on Scotland: Vitamin D and MS

Ryan Mclaughlin is aware of the effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), it impacts on the lives of 10,500 people in Scotland and one of of those affected is his Mum. His personal experience of MS made him determined to find a way to help the thousands of people who are fighting this chronic progressive disease, an illness which has no cure, and to lessen the impact of MS on future generations. So what is his answer?

Campaign Goals

  • Providing Vitamin D to all of Scotland’s children and pregnant mums
  • Clarification on the recommended daily allowance
  • To run a public awareness campaign inform the public about the benefits of Vitamin D in relation to MS

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